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I offer a collaborative and confidential relationship based on acceptance, empathy, curiosity, respect, and mutual commitment to our work together. Through deep listening, discussion, and facilitated self-expression, I guide my clients in accessing emotions, memories, fantasies, fears, and inherent resources. This process of looking deeply into oneself without judgment is a practice of mindfulness. Through mindfulness we become aware that there are many more choices than our habitual patterns of behavior suggest. With this new perspective comes the possibility of new action.

Within you are the seeds of transformation, the answers to your dilemmas. Our work is to connect with that core and mobilize your intrinsic capacities so that you can move toward what you want in your life, and increase your capacity to experience joy and pleasure. I compliment this approach with psycho-education, skill-building, resources, and cognitive methods, as suits my clients best.

When therapy is successful, the seeds of transformation that live inside of us are nurtured and new growth becomes visible. You will see yourself acting differently in the world and making the changes you want in your life.

I have learned through many years of professional study and my own personal journey that change happens under very specific conditions. It has been my mission to make these conditions defining features of my work.


Expressive Arts Therapy is a means for accessing and relating to aspects of yourself that fall outside of cognition. Extensive neuropsychological studies have confirmed that the lymbic and cortical parts of the brain, where emotions, trauma, or behavior patterns are lodged may not be fully accessed by verbal or cognitive means alone. I utilize Expressive Arts Therapy to access a richer quality of presence in my clients by sparking the imagination and the senses. I do not view Expressive Arts Therapy as different from psychotherapy, but as a valuable and cutting-edge approach to facilitating profound and satisfying connections to life.

What varies from client to client is the level to which I utilize expressive arts techniques. I may listen to a client and suggest they repeat or exaggerate a physical gesture, draw an image that comes to mind in the moment, or enact an imagined dialogue between various aspects of oneself, to play out an experience of inner-conflict. My experience of using the arts to work with clients is rather profound. With guidance, it offers insight and access to feelings in a way that vastly transcends the capacity of verbal means alone. Just as martial arts teach a way of non-resistance, moving with one's opponent in order to maintain strength and balance, full sensory engagement moves us fully into and then through our material.

Expressive art is not fine art. Its function is not in being impressive or “good”. Its purpose is to connect us to an aspect of our experience beyond the limitations of cognition. Similar to dreaming, when approached skillfully the symbols of our art may lead to insight, offering relief and understanding.


I offer systemic, programmatic, and case-specific consultation to both emerging and established community organizations, schools, health facilities, public services, and practitioners, including therapists, counselors, artists, teachers, law enforcement officers, physicians and other healthcare professionals.

I offer my clients an environment characterized by confidentiality, acceptance, and a collaborative relationship based on empathy, curiosity, and respect. If you’re interested in working with me, I invite you to send me an email or give a call.

"We rarely hear the inner music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless."
// Ramana Maharshi

"All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that previously were incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature."
// Rudolf Steiner